Important Information About Your AT&T Service


AT&T's state-to-state and international services, and in some states, in-state long distance and local services, are provided to you under the AT&T Consumer Services Agreement, which can be viewed at You accept the terms of the Agreement simply by continuing to use or pay for these services. Please review the Agreement carefully, including Section 7, called Dispute Resolution, which describes AT&T's binding arbitration process that uses a neutral third party rather than a jury for resolving disputes that may arise. If you are a California customer, please note that due to California federal court decisions, AT&T is not enforcing Section 7 in California. For additional information, please visit us at


A minimum usage charge may be applied to the plan you selected. If, in any month your qualifying calling charges fall below the minimum, the difference will be added to your bill. Qualifying AT&T calls include direct-dialed domestic and international long distance, local toll, AT&T Calling Card calls, operator-handled calls, and directory assistance calls, when billed on the same bill as your AT&T Residential Long Distance charges. Taxes, the Bill Statement Fee, In-State Connection Fee, Carrier Cost Recovery Fee and the Universal Connectivity Charge do not apply to the usage minimum. If you have not enrolled in a long distance calling plan, you will receive AT&T Basic Plan rates for your long distance calls from home. There is a $4.95 monthly charge for the AT&T basic state-to-state direct dialed rate plan. From time to time, AT&T may make changes to its rates and charges. For information on AT&T rates and charges, please click here.

AT&T recovers its expenses for the Federal Universal Service Fund through the Universal Connectivity Charge (UCC). This monthly charge is a percentage of your AT&T state-to-state and international charges, including monthly fees that appear on your bill. If you have AT&T for local service, the UCC also applies to your Subscriber Line Charge (in California, the Network Access for Interstate calling charge) and number portability charge. Click here to find out the current UCC percentage. Additional state charges may apply. If you need additional information and/or state specific charges, click here or call us at 1 800 288-2747. A Local Connectivity charge of up to $4 may apply to your bill. For more information about this charge, call us at 1 888 301-0390. An In-State Connection Fee of up to $2.49 may apply to your bill. For more information on this fee, and whether you will be charged, please click here. A Bill Statement Fee of $2.99 per bill is assessed to customers who receive their AT&T Long Distance charges in their local phone company bill. In addition, your bill also includes a $1.99 per month Carrier Cost Recovery Fee. For customers that do not have local service with AT&T or its affiliated companies (including the former SBC companies), this fee is $2.39. This fee applies for each month that you have AT&T state-to-state connection or international charges on your bill. This fee helps cover costs of providing state-to-state and international long distance service, including state-to-state and international connection charges, property taxes, and expenses associated with regulatory proceedings and compliance. This fee applies for each month in which you have any AT&T state-to-state and/or international charges on your bill. For more information on the Carrier Cost Recovery Fee please call 1 800 854-9940, or click here.

If you live in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia Call Block 554/555/936 is automatically activated at no charge when you subscribe to AT&T Local Service so that calls to non-geographic NXXs cannot be made nor charged to your line.