AT&T Usage Minimum

General Information

Customers on these calling plans enjoy great rates usually with a small or no monthly plan fee. In order to keep these rates low and still recover our costs of providing service, it is necessary to charge the usage minimum on these calling plans. For example, if your monthly calling charges are $9.99, and your plan has a $10.99 monthly minimum usage then $1.00 will be added to your bill.

The monthly usage minimum is $10.99 for customers enrolled in the following plans:

  • AT&T Cash Back Offer
  • AT&T True Reach Savings
  • AT&T One Rate Off-Peak
  • AT&T Evenings (Online offer)
  • AT&T One Rate 9¢
  • AT&T Weekends (Online offer)
  • AT&T Corporate Appreciation
  • AT&T One Rate Off-Peak California
  • AT&T One Rate 12¢
  • AT&T Simple Minutes
  • AT&T One Rate
  • AT&T One Rate Off-Peak III
  • AT&T Nights (Online offer)
  • AT&T One Rate 10¢
  • AT&T One Rate Online
  • AT&T Simplified Calling
  • AT&T One Rate Basic
  • AT&T One Rate Simple

Calls That Qualify Towards the Minimum

All your AT&T1 direct-dialed domestic and international long distance, AT&T Calling Card calls, operator handled and directory assistance calls will apply toward the minimum. Examples of charges that do not apply toward the monthly usage minimum include the Bill Statement Fee, In-State Connection Fee, Carrier Cost Recovery Fee, Universal Connectivity Charge, and any taxes or surcharges.

For Customers That Have More Than One Phone Line

Please keep in mind that if you have a second phone line - such as a fax line, a computer line, or an additional line for your family - you may want to combine your lines onto one bill. This is especially important if one of the lines has low usage, because your combined lines will be subject to only one minimum. Please call 1 800-222-0300 (Alaska customers call 1 800 252-7266) to consolidate your lines.

1 "AT&T" is generally defined in Customer's Service Agreement. If not defined in Customer's Service Agreement, AT&T means the AT&T Affiliate that enters into the Service Agreement with Customer, or any permitted assignee or successor in interest of such AT&T Affiliate. For purposes of this definition, an AT&T Affiliate means AT&T Corp. or an entity that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with AT&T Corp but excludes entities that are Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers in the US.